Who we are

Alice Dore

  • PhD student funded by the BBSRC Norwich Research Park Doctoral Training Partnership, researching the significance of reproductive plasticity.

  • Email: a.dore@uea.ac.uk

Emily Fowler

  • Post-Doc funded by the NERC working on the mechanisms and significance of reproductive plasticity in females.

  • Email: e.fowler@uea.ac.uk

Michael Darrington

  • PhD student funded by an industrial CASE BBSRC studentship to Oxitec Ltd and UEA. Researching new techniques for genetic control of insect pests.

  • Email: m.darrington@uea.ac.uk

Stewart Leigh

  • PhD student funded by a NERC industrial CASE PhD studentship to UEA and The Pirbright Institute. Researching genetic control of fruitfly and mosquito pests.

  • Email: stewart.leigh@uea.ac.uk

Wayne Rostant

  • Post-Doc funded by the NERC researching the effects of sexual conflict and nutrition in dete ining sex differences in lifespan.

  • Email: w.rostant@uea.ac.uk

Jessy Rouhana

  • Joint PhD student funded by the UEA and an Ubbo Emmius PhD scholarship to University of Groeningen (Prof Bregje Wertheim) researching into 'toxic love' in fruitflies. Soon to be Post-Doc at UEA.

Aaron Thomas

Nicholas West

  • Research technician funded by the NERC working with Wayne Rostant.

  • Email: n.west@uea.ac.uk


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